As many of you know, Jeffrey and I met on St. Patrick's Day. Today Jeffrey and I have officially known each other for two years, and what a wonderful two years they have been! No one else could make me happier than Jeffrey does. For his two year gift I made him this movie, and maybe by watching it you can see why Jeffrey makes my life so wonderful!

Knighley has sadly been losing his hair. He now is pretty much all bald expect some hair around the edges of his head and his spike! We are so glad that he still has his spike and now he looks like Jack Jack from the Incredibles.

So this is my first week at home alone with Knightley. I love it! Being a mom is great, though I admit it is harder then I thought it would be, mainly because Knightley hates going to sleep though he is really tired. The other sad part is that Jeffrey gets home really late from work between 6:30 and 7:30. But at least he doesn't have to be at work till 9:00. But we are both super happy. Jeff still likes his new job and I love my new job :).