Happy Halloween! This is what we did to celebrate:

Carved a sweet jack-o-lantern skull

Here we are with the Pearsons and Guinns

And our pumpkins look awesome!

We also dressed up. Jeff as a clown, Knightley a Chicken, and Debbie an In-mate

Here is Knightley with his neighbor friends. Ellie is baby bear and Madeleine is the Stay-puffed Marshmallow man (woman). They're all so cute!

At our ward party Knightley looked so cute waddling around as a chicken!

He has been walking for about a month now and since he is getting really good at it we decided to finally film him.

We went to a Chinese Buffet the other day because both Deb and I had been craving Chinese food for awhile. At the end of the scrumptious feast we were each given a fortune cookie. For all you fortune seekers, here is one you can go to the bank with.