This is what is happening in our house right now and luckily we do have Allstate :), though we haven't filed our claim yet.  About two weeks ago we started hearing noises from Knightley's room.  We thought it was just a bird outside, then we thought it was coming from the gutters.  When we continued to hear it and found nothing after cleaning out our gutters, we realized it must be coming from the attic.  Creepy!   So Jeff crawled up there to discover a clump of gray baby animals huddled together right over Knightley's room.  But unfortunately our attic is so short the animals were unreachable.  We still had no idea what kind of animal they were.  We threw a bunch of rat poison in the attic and in the sleeping "nest".  Our plan was to wait for them to die and then collect the bodies; but they haven't died and in fact their noises and scratching are becoming louder and more frequent.  We also now hear them throughout the entire upstairs, not just in Knightley's room.  Finally I realized I could discover what animal they were by identifying the noise they make, and low and below a baby raccoon is the perfect match to the noise I continually hear in the house. And unfortunately rat poison doesn't work on raccoons and it is illegal for us to capture a raccoon.  So I called a professional wildlife animal catcher (I think it is crazy that there are multiple businesses based on catching animals) and they are coming out this week.  They will also quote us on how much damage the raccoons have done to our attic, and then we will see how much Allstate does cover of it.  This whole experience has not been pleasant and the noise bothers me so much at times I need to move locations in the house so I can't hear it.  But I am so glad that Knightley and Mason have not yet feared the animals in our attic which they call the "chipmunks". And once Knightley pretended to be the "Chipmunk" and would scratch at the carpet and I would try to get him because "chipmunks should live outside, not in houses".