We have a new house!  We were actually were looking causally for a house for awhile, mainly because our old house, we discovered, makes a perfect rental property.  When we were looking we came across a house on my brothers street.  We decided to look at it mainly for that reason, but as soon as we walked through it we had an overwhelming feeling of home.  We both had spiritual witnesses that we could very happily raise our family here (I never thought I would have that feeling about a house).  So we put an offer on the house, got renters for our old house, and moved, all within 30 days.  And now we are all moved in and we love it.

Our new house! It has 4 bedrooms upstairs, 2 1/2 bathrooms, a huge cool master closet, and a basement.

Knightley and Mason love driving their trucks on our walkway.  I will post a video of the inside of the house later. :)