Juliet was born on January 23rd at 4:01 p.m..  I was induced and decided to have her all naturally.  In the middle of pushing her out I told Jeff to not let me have a baby naturally again but now, after the fact, I am glad I went naturally and will most likely have the rest of my babies naturally as well.  Labor was only unbearable painful for an hour and Juliet was so much smaller than Molly that she came out rather easily in comparison (Molly I had naturally too but not by choice).  

Juliet was 7 lbs 12 oz..  She was exactly 2 pounds lighter than Molly and our smallest baby.  She is so cute!  I am so glad not to be pregnant.  Juliet's pregnancy was definitely the hardest and I think the hardest trial of my life thus far, but now that I get to hold her in my arms (and am not pregnant) it was all worth it.  And to make up for her terrible pregnancy thus far Juliet has been a great baby.  She sleeps a lot, has a cute little mouse sounding cry that we don't hear very often, and as long as she is warm is super happy.  We are so glad she is now in our family!!

Juliet in her first outfit

Our 4 kids!

Molly loves her sister and we are so glad! (we were really afraid she wouldn't)

Knightley and Mason proudly sporting their Big brother stickers from the hospital