We had a little party for Knightley's birthday.  I made him a truck cake that I am very proud of (as you can tell from all the pictures).  Knightley kept yelling "Truck, Truck" at the cake but his favorite part were the skittles and oreos (the lights and wheels).  His party was so fun.  His friends (who are still all girls) spoiled him with gifts, all of which he loves.  I tried a few games that didn't work with two year olds but the party favors were a hit.  Overall I think it was a success!

Some New Pictures, compliments of my brother Doug.

Jeff and I had the funnest time with our Halloween costumes.  We are all from Toy Story.  Knightley and Mason's costumes are bought but Jeff and I made ours.  Can you guess who we are? (Click on the images to see them larger)

Our guys were such great actors (for the most part:) in their debut for the production of this music video.  Just to let you know you will enjoy the movie better if you make it full screen (click the four arrows next to HD).

This morning I gave Knightley a piece of bread and some water, and seeing both him and Mason seemed happy I left to go get ready for the day.  When I got back I found this.  And yes Knightley knows how to open the oven.  They are both very proud of themselves.

Jeff and I just finished watching all 4 seasons of Prison Break in just 12 days.  We loved it!  But as the characters got their freedom at the end of the show, Jeff and I also felt like we got our freedom from our addiction to the show.  Some people said they only liked the first season of the show, but I loved all 4.  Go Prison Break!  I will miss you! 

Today we went to Thanksgiving Point's farm.  Knightley had a blast.  It was a bit odd for me to pay to see farm animals (as I saw them all the time growing up) but I think it was well work the $4 it cost for all of us to go.  Knightley loved it! And the best part was the pony ride, which he got two of.  He was a bit afraid to get too close to the animals in their pens but when it came to riding the pony he was a pro and not afraid at all.  

I usually ask Knightley every morning, "do you want to wear this or this today?"  He never has cared enough to give a response, until last week. I posed my usual question and in response he reached for his red jacket hanging up in his closet.  I tried to talk him out of it, but nothing I said would do until he had on his red jacket (without a shirt on underneath).  I tried to change him later in the day, but every time I tried to take off his jacket he would cry.

I thought it might have been a one-time thing.  But the next time he saw is red jacket, he demanded to have it on.  This time he had a shirt on underneath, and about half way through the day he was getting pretty hot and sweaty. I took off his jacket but he cried and pointed to the jacket then his chest until I put it back on him.  

As bad as it is having an obsession with one article of clothing, later that day he found a new favorite. While I was putting away Mason's newborn clothes Knightley saw their blessing outfit hat.  He first tried to put it on Mason and then wanted it on himself.  So knowing what would happen if I didn't give in, I tied it around his head. Because it is so small it would occasionally fall off, but as soon as Knightley found out he would bring it to me to put back on his head. So for the rest of the day he was sweating, looking quite ridiculous, but acting very happy, with his red jacket and tiny hat.

It looked so funny I had to take some pictures:

This is Knightley hanging out with his two best friends Madeleine and Ellie.  And yes that is Mason crying in the Background

Jeffrey will be proud of his little chargers fan

At the end of this video Knightley ran over to to me and handed me his hot tamale.  Needless to say, after he got to the middle of the candy, he didn't like it. 

This is our new double jogging stroller.  Nana Jake bought it for us, and we love it!  Mason is still a little too small to go in,  but Knightley loves riding in it and Jeff loves jogging with him.  Below is Knightley and Madeleine (Knightley's neighbor and friend).  

Below is Knightley's new chair.  Jeff and I made it for him.  Madeleine actually got a chair like this for her birthday, and when we saw it, we thought it was so cool that we decided to make one for Knightley.  It ended up taking more time, money, and effort than we originally planned, but we had fun.  I did all the machine sewing but Jeff had an equal part in every thing else.  As you can see Jeff is already trying to brainwash our kids to love the Chargers.

Born February 3rd, 1:41 p.m.; 8 lbs. 19 1/2 in.

The death...

and rebirth of something great!

Our old computer just wasn't enough anymore so using some Christmas money we decided to upgrade a few parts in the computer and in order to do so we had to start with the case. We got a new case, video card, and hard drive (1tb, aka. storage for life).

I finally finished my two long standing sewing projects! I made 8 quiet books and one baby quilt.

I originally made the quiet books with the idea to mass produce them and sell them somehow. But after making these 8 I don't plan on ever making another one! So now I am just trying to get rid of these and I hope to sell them for $25 each. So if you know someone who would be interested let me know!

And I don't really know what to do with the quilt I made. I think it is the best done quilt I have made thus far in my life, but I really don't need another baby blanket. But no matter what I do with it I am very glad to be done!!!

This is what Knightley did this morning. I thought it was so cute (he ended up eating the whole banana)!