So it has been awhile since we posted.  And now Mason is 2 years old!  And surprisingly I am not shocked.  I feel he has acted like a two year old for the past 4 or 5 months.  He now talks in full sentences fits in 2-T clothes and still copies everything Knightley does.  He and I were very proud of his cake, a dinosaur.  He loved it and still sometimes mentions it. 

And Mason loved his presents, most of which were GeoTrax.  He played with is new toys for 3 days straight.  Knightley loved Mason's new presents too. His big present was an exploding toy story bridge set. 

The day after his birthday Jeff and I build a sweet track for Knightley and Mason using all their Geo Trax.  We had a blast building it and the boys loved it.  

They were so interested in their trains that we couldn't get them to look up for the picture.