Aren't we cute.

So it really isn't Knightley's first Christmas but close enough. :)

He's such a big help

The aftermath

It has been nice and cold and snowy here in Utah so we got all bundled up and enjoyed playing outside. Knightley liked being outside, but the snow was too deep for him to walk around in so he mainly just sat in it and watched Deb and I make a snow man.

Knightley acts like a fish in water, just like his Dad. He absolutely loves the water and I love watching him.

Knightley invited his friends to an early birthday party.

Knightley loves playing outside and last week he loved playing in the leaves. See for yourself:

Happy Halloween! This is what we did to celebrate:

Carved a sweet jack-o-lantern skull

Here we are with the Pearsons and Guinns

And our pumpkins look awesome!

We also dressed up. Jeff as a clown, Knightley a Chicken, and Debbie an In-mate

Here is Knightley with his neighbor friends. Ellie is baby bear and Madeleine is the Stay-puffed Marshmallow man (woman). They're all so cute!

At our ward party Knightley looked so cute waddling around as a chicken!

He has been walking for about a month now and since he is getting really good at it we decided to finally film him.

We went to a Chinese Buffet the other day because both Deb and I had been craving Chinese food for awhile. At the end of the scrumptious feast we were each given a fortune cookie. For all you fortune seekers, here is one you can go to the bank with.

This is my really late tribute to Harry Potter! Go Harry Potter!

I have been meaning to make this video since December and have just now gotten around to it. This is a compilation of pictures and videos from this past Christmas 2008. This was the first time all of the Jacobson's (siblings, wives and children) were together and we all had a really fun time enjoying a traditional Jacobson Christmas. Hope y'all enjoy the flashback.

The only thing better than having two boys in the house is having three boys in the house. Yep, Knightley is getting a little baby brother on the tenth of February.

Little Baby _______

Little Baby Knightley and Big Boy Jeffrey

Jeff started his first day of school again, but this time as a Wolverine. He is taking three prerequisite courses at UVU in order to get into a 12-month accelerated second bachelors program for nursing in Florida. He looks so cute!!!

We finally got a nice family picture, complements of my brother Darren.

My family had a family reunion in Wisconsin the weekend before the 4th of July. It was just my siblings our kids and my parents. It was great to see everyone. The main event of the reunion was going to an indoor waterpark. I have decided it is the best type of waterpark to go to. No blazing sun, cold bursts of wind, or long lines. Not to mention, it's always the perfect temperature and small enough to always locate family members.

Here is a picture of my family, we keep getting bigger and bigger!

So Jeff thought of a brilliant idea of how to entertain Knightley while in the Clerk's office at church. He put him in an old sacrament cup box with his toys. He loves it!

Knightley was really fascinated with my hat

Knightley & I on a walk to the library
Knightley Walking!

So Jeff and I love this TV show called Life. It is a mix between monk, law & order, and CSI. The basis is this: Charlie Cruise was a good cop then was falsely accused of murdering his best friend and family. He was in prison for 12 years, then was released because of false evidence and given lots of settlement money and the rank of a detective. Every episode him and his partner solve a murder, but there is an underlying story of him trying to figure out why he was framed. We just watched the season 2 finale last night and it was so good! I just want to spread the word! I think you can watch a lot of the episodes on (I recommend watching a few episodes from the first season, then you can watch whatever you want after that!)

So we are starting to feed Knightley solid foods. Well, actually only rice cereal made with Apple Juice. And Knightley loves it, well at least the taste of it! He doesn't really know how to swallow yet, so at least half of it ends up on him and not in his mouth but it sure is fun trying to feed him!

Apparently Knightley has been keeping secrets from us all along.

As many of you know, Jeffrey and I met on St. Patrick's Day. Today Jeffrey and I have officially known each other for two years, and what a wonderful two years they have been! No one else could make me happier than Jeffrey does. For his two year gift I made him this movie, and maybe by watching it you can see why Jeffrey makes my life so wonderful!

Knighley has sadly been losing his hair. He now is pretty much all bald expect some hair around the edges of his head and his spike! We are so glad that he still has his spike and now he looks like Jack Jack from the Incredibles.

So this is my first week at home alone with Knightley. I love it! Being a mom is great, though I admit it is harder then I thought it would be, mainly because Knightley hates going to sleep though he is really tired. The other sad part is that Jeffrey gets home really late from work between 6:30 and 7:30. But at least he doesn't have to be at work till 9:00. But we are both super happy. Jeff still likes his new job and I love my new job :).

So, Jeffrey got a new job working up in Draper for Investools. They offer individual investor education, and that is what Jeffrey will be selling to people who call in asking more about it. He started it this week and is really enjoying it, plus the commute isn't too bad at all.

Since Knightley has been about 5 weeks old he started what I believe is called 'social smiling.' Meaning that when someone smiles at him, he smiles back. Well, he is one smiley baby. He is right around two and a half months and he smiles constantly. He gets smiling so much that he acts like he is about ready to explode with happiness (since he can't quite laugh yet). It is the cutest thing in the world, so we had to take a photo shoot.

We just got home and he was Mr. Smiley (he has his mom's cute dimples)

He loves it when you play with his hands and feet.

The cutest little boy in the world
(we surveyed 2 people and that's what they said)

My mom came in town a couple weeks ago and the motel she was staying at had an indoor swimming pool so we decided to take Knightley for his first swimming lessons. He rather enjoyed himself. He has always liked water and he did the same thing he does when he takes a bath; He just sits there relaxing.

Just chillin.'

His beautiful mom.

And Super dad

We love our new apartment! Below you can see our new couches a excellent craigslist purchase, well at least we think so. And our nice big living room. It is great for playing the wii :)

And this is Knightley's room. One of his walls is cinder block so we decided to cover it up with Fabric. We stole the idea from our friends the Guinns. You just need lots of liquid starch and will some pressing work the fabric just sticks. And when we leave someday we will just pull it all off (Cool huh!) We think it turned out good. Hopefully Knightley will like it!

This year for Christmas we went to Texas. It was really cool because it was the first time everyone (all the siblings and their spouses, and their babies) have been together. It was tons of fun! To sum up the vacation in one sentence; We played games and ate and played games and ate and played games and slept, then repeat (for 2 weeks). Since a picture says a thousand words, I'll let them do the rest of the talking.

On our way down to Texas we routed our plane through Arizona so Grandma could see her great grandson.

Once arriving in Texas, Nana couldn't let her newest little grand baby out of her sight. They bonded on the couch like this many times.

Needless to say, Emperor Knightley was one spoiled kid for his first Christmas.

Ashton is either genuinely concerned for his younger cousin, or he just wants his bottle.

The tree was a massive 11ft foot tall behemoth!

Knightley's 1st Christmas, so cute.

Christmas Eve dinner. Mmm boy!

For Christmas Eve we all play Christmas songs on our instruments. This is the first time ALL of us are playing together. David-Clarinet, Jeffrey-Alto Sax, Trevin-Trumpet, Ashley-French Horn, Cody-Trombone, Chanelle-Flute.

Christmas Day! Stocking goodies are on the table.

Knightley's blessing day at church.

His cute blessing outfit. This is the same outfit I was blessed in.