We are expecting baby #3 and it is a little girl! We are so excited.  As soon as I found out I was pregnant this time, Jeff and I wanted this one to be a girl, Molly Marie.  But the last 3 weeks before our scheduled ultrasound date I tried to convince myself that I was having a boy so I wouldn't be disappointed.   So when I heard the news that I was actually having a girl I was a little shocked but after about 5 minutes I just became excited.  The next day we went to JCPenny’s and bought the cutest little outfit (it was hard to pick just one).  I still sometimes can’t believe we are having a girl!  Molly will grace us with her presence July 19th.  

We are very excited and surprised that the ultrasound machine had 3-D imaging on it.  I think the pictures are cool but the video in 3-D was cooler when you can see the baby move around and open and close their mouth, it just seem very real!  

Knightley says Molly is waving in this first picture: 

So I got the kiddos all ready for breakfast and then I decided I would get ready for the day myself.  I returned ten minutes later...