On Novemeber 25th at 12:21 a.m. Knightley was born. He was 8 lbs 4 oz, and 18.5 inches long. He and Mom are as healthy as ever.

Sunday November 23rd, (before shot)

Right after he was born, he found his thumb very fast

Knightley going to town on his thumb

Mom and Dad marvel at the miracle that just transpired

Knightley getting ready for his first bath

As you can tell, he didn't like it all that much

He cried from the moment he was born till after his bath, and this is when he finally decided to calm down.

All wrapped up and tuckered out.

Look how adorable he is.

The cutest, biggest yawn in the ever. (As a side note, I was looking around the nursery during his bath and the little girl that was next to Knightley was half his size. This little guy is a chunky short man.)

Debbie showed up to work this last Friday and it turned out that her co-workers had decorated her cubicle and threw her a surprise baby party! She works at the coolest place in the world, with the coolest people in the world. They ordered pizza for lunch and made Deb walk around with a crown that said "Mom to Be" with a matching purple sash. She is going to miss working there, but she can't wait to be a mommy.

Ok, so this is the only picture I have on my computer of me really pregnant (I haven't downloaded pictures from my camera yet) And no Jeff was not here for Halloween but a friend created a picture of us together using a picture of Jeff from last year and I picture of me from this year (isn't it great! We are Mr. & Mrs. Mint from Candyland, by the way).

But the exciting news is, I went to the Doctor yesterday and found out I could have Knightley any day now! He normally doesn't check to see if you are dilated or anything until two weeks before you are due, but I asked him to check a bit early. And when he did he was suprised to find that I was dilated two to three cms and looked like I was all set to have the baby. So much in fact that he said I could get induced a week early, that is if I didn't have the baby before then! Crazy huh! So my induce date is the 24th, but we will see if Knightley comes before then!

We went camping with some friends a couple weekends ago. We went to the Timpanogos Caves in American Fork Canyon. It was a lot of fun and the weather was beautiful. The first night we got there we set up camp and gathered around the campfire for dinner and dessert. The other two couples we went with are good friends of ours and both of them are pregnant with their first as well! You can imagine what the topic of conversation was for most of the night. The next morning we went on a hike to the Timpanogos caves. It was a fairly strenuous hike, but once we got to the caves it was all worth it. They were really cool, and the tour guide was really good too. After the steep hike down we loaded up and went home, satisfied and thoroughly exhausted.

Last Saturday Jeffrey and I went to my company's annual Summer party, this year it was a Carnival. We had a blast, watch for yourself!!

A couple weeks ago Debbie's work paid for us to go see "The Dark Knight." It was awesome, both the movie and the fact that we got to see it for free while eating free popcorn! I do admit that it was a little dark, but we both absolutely loved it. It definitely lived up to all the hype and didn't let me down at all.

Great News! I have been applying for a lot of jobs here in Provo/Orem and I actually was offered a position at SirsiDynix (a library software company) as a Sales Analyst. I started yesterday and am enjoying not having to clock in or out because I get paid a salary. I am mostly excited because I will be learning valuable information to help further my career in sales. I am still not quite sure what my job entails because I haven't done much yet, but I can't wait until I am actually trained and responsible for something. It is really neat that both Debbie and I have 'real' jobs (as we call them). During the day we 'im' (instant message) each other to pass the time when it gets slow which is really fun.

It is very different having a job because now whenever there are errands to run I can't just go and run them whenever I want. I can't clean the house or mow the lawn or fix things up during the day, I have to do them when I get home from work. It is great to have a job, but it is a little different from before when I was unemployed and done with school with all the time in the world for the past 3 months. Debbie and I are both really happy with our jobs and we can't wait for the next really big news in 4 months...when Knightley is born!

Since graduation I have been looking for various jobs through every means available to me, with varying degrees of success. I still have yet to finalize any deals (though I am getting close on a couple), so I keep on keeping on. In the meantime I have enjoyed being the homemaker of the family while Debbie brings home the bacon (literally, Smith's had bacon on sale for a dollar a pack so we bought our years supply!).

I clean the house, do the laundry, mow and water the yard, pull weeds, and whistle while I work. When I run out of things to do I follow-up with any jobs I am looking into, or go on a bike ride around town listening to an audio book. I recently gave in to the pressures of society and bought an ipod, and I absolutely love it. Life has been this way for the past few months, until...

Because Debbie is meeting the deductible for our insurance we both decided to get some warts removed (my first one ever) and then to have some of my moles checked out. Unfortunately the Dermatologist found a couple of moles he wanted to take off because they could be cancerous. One on my back and one on my face. In hearing this news I probably went a little pale because I know what must be done in order to have moles removed. A shot must enter my skin to deaden the pain and then the doctor must use razors to cut them out. Shots never hurt, and I can't feel the pain of the razors cutting into my skin so why is it such a big deal? To be honest I don't know, but I just can't stand the idea of metal objects piercing or cutting into me. I get all woozy, light headed, and apparently I lose all color in my face.

I show up to the Dermatologist's office at 4pm on Tuesday all alone, with no one here beside me. I slowly make my way to his office and wait for someone to call my name. Then I go into a smaller surgery room and wait (again) until he comes. At this point I am reminded of Jerry Seinfeld's 'Doctor's Office' skit. At last, the moment of truth arrives and I am laying in the chair sweating all over it, and turning a nice ghostly white color. I tell the doctor that this is normal and for him to continue. He plunges the needle in my lip and leaves it there for what felt like 30 minutes. Then he does the same thing again and again. I start to feel like the victim in Bill Cosby's 'Dentist Story.' After he gets my lip good and numb he tells me to close my mouth and keep it still while he pulls out various razor sharp knifes. While he is cutting into my lip he starts asking me all kinds of questions, to which all I can answer is "mmm hum" (yes) and "uh uh" (no). Then he asks me "is your baby a girl or a boy"...silence...

After 15 minutes of feeling him tug and push he finishes. I get up to lay on my stomach and see that I have covered the leg rest part of the chair with sweat dripping all down it. The doctor notices and says "A little warm in here isn't it." I reply by saying "yeah" knowing full well that the room was cold and I only sweat so much because of my great fear. I lay down and he sticks me right in the back and leaves it there. Luckily he only used one shot. Immediately after removing the shot he takes a razor (like one you would shave with) and proceeds to scrape out my mole. I can feel the scraping all the while, and can take no more when finally he is done. He pretty much scraped out the mole and left a crater in my back.

I finally left the office and picked up Debbie from work. For an ordinary person, getting a mole removed is no big deal. For me, it is something I will remember my entire life.

The aftermath. I only smile for posterity's sake.

Happy Independence Day to all!


Today was our one year anniversary. To start it off Debbie took the day off, and since I don't have a full-time job as of yet I was able to have the day off as well.

We started the day off by going to the temple bright and early. Debbie was feeling a little funny in the morning but was determined to go. We were asked to be the witness couple and the funniest thing happened (it wasn't funny at the time, but now it is and it makes for a great story). Debbie fainted right there at the alter. The temple workers had to stop the endowment and we were relieved of our duty as the witness couples. Debbie was feeling alright enough to continue on with the endowment, but after a little while she told the worker sitting next to her she was feeling funny and had to lie down. They stopped the endowment again and we exited the room. Debbie wasn't feeling well enough to finish so we unrecorded the names and will have to do them again. She felt a lot better after laying down and eating some crackers and drinking some juice at the first aid room in the temple (which I didn't even know they had). The fainting was nothing serious, and it is just because she is pregnant.

Speaking of being pregnant. Debbie and I decided to go to the mall and pay for a ultrasound service where they can tell the gender of your baby. We are going to find out from our doctor come next Wednesday, but as young to-be parents we couldn't wait 10 more days, we had to know now. We found out we are having a BOY! We both wanted a boy, and it turns out our wish came true. Our excitement is through the roof! We are glad it isn't a girl because we don't have any names picked out, but we do for a boy...Knightley Leland Jacobson. He is going to be a stud, with all of his good qualities coming from his amazing mother.

After searching for awhile on how to edit HTML I finally found the best (and easiest site): betabloggerfordummies.blogspot.com.

For all those who haven't heard, Deb and I are having a baby! We both would like him to be a boy, so we refer to him as a 'him.' He is due the first week in December, which is perfect for taxes;)

Life is grand here in good old provo. I just graduated from BYU, and my lovely wife has been graduated since August last year. She has been working at Omniture as an Accountant, and I am interviewing for a job at Fidelity here in American Fork. I will have my final interview on the 11th this month and, if I get the job, start on July 7th. I am really excited to start a real job doing something that I really enjoy.

Trevin and Kalisha live a stones throw from us so we are looking forward to playing with them this summer as long as they don't get tired of us. We are in the same ward which is really fun, but we miss playing with Ashley (she'll be back soon though:).