Knightley is now 4 years old!  He has been talking about becoming four for months (ever since his cousin Wesley turned 4).  And now that he is four it is amazing the things he can to.  He says "I can ride my bike even faster because I am four" and "I can do it all by self  cause I'm four now."  He mentions it at least 5 times a day.  Poor Mason is feeling very 2 and keeps asking "How many minutes till my birthday?"  

But Knightley had a good birthday.  For his "party" which consisted of cake and presents Dave and Brianna came over and the cousins all played together.  Knightley wanted a castle cake so hopefully you could tell that's what the cake is decorated as.   Not my best cake but Knightley was happy so I call it a good job!

As our kids grow up it gets more fun celebrating holidays because they are starting to understand them.  Especially if the whole idea of a holiday is dressing up and getting candy...what more could a kid want!

King Arthur, Morgana, Black Cat, Roman Soldier, Dragon