Today was our one year anniversary. To start it off Debbie took the day off, and since I don't have a full-time job as of yet I was able to have the day off as well.

We started the day off by going to the temple bright and early. Debbie was feeling a little funny in the morning but was determined to go. We were asked to be the witness couple and the funniest thing happened (it wasn't funny at the time, but now it is and it makes for a great story). Debbie fainted right there at the alter. The temple workers had to stop the endowment and we were relieved of our duty as the witness couples. Debbie was feeling alright enough to continue on with the endowment, but after a little while she told the worker sitting next to her she was feeling funny and had to lie down. They stopped the endowment again and we exited the room. Debbie wasn't feeling well enough to finish so we unrecorded the names and will have to do them again. She felt a lot better after laying down and eating some crackers and drinking some juice at the first aid room in the temple (which I didn't even know they had). The fainting was nothing serious, and it is just because she is pregnant.

Speaking of being pregnant. Debbie and I decided to go to the mall and pay for a ultrasound service where they can tell the gender of your baby. We are going to find out from our doctor come next Wednesday, but as young to-be parents we couldn't wait 10 more days, we had to know now. We found out we are having a BOY! We both wanted a boy, and it turns out our wish came true. Our excitement is through the roof! We are glad it isn't a girl because we don't have any names picked out, but we do for a boy...Knightley Leland Jacobson. He is going to be a stud, with all of his good qualities coming from his amazing mother.

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For all those who haven't heard, Deb and I are having a baby! We both would like him to be a boy, so we refer to him as a 'him.' He is due the first week in December, which is perfect for taxes;)

Life is grand here in good old provo. I just graduated from BYU, and my lovely wife has been graduated since August last year. She has been working at Omniture as an Accountant, and I am interviewing for a job at Fidelity here in American Fork. I will have my final interview on the 11th this month and, if I get the job, start on July 7th. I am really excited to start a real job doing something that I really enjoy.

Trevin and Kalisha live a stones throw from us so we are looking forward to playing with them this summer as long as they don't get tired of us. We are in the same ward which is really fun, but we miss playing with Ashley (she'll be back soon though:).