First, the reasons why we got a great deal on the house (sorry the formatting is off, I can't get it to look pretty!): 

Yellow countertop
Blue Carpet (with no carpet pad!)
Huge holes in EVERY wall
Lots of writing on EVERY wall
Orange Carpet with hole
Missing door frame and door
Master bath zebra floor/shower/sink
Why we bought house:

Spacious rooms and big windows
Good sized kitchen, now with brand new appliances (which we had to buy, good and bad :))
Huge family room downstairs.  The picture only shows half the room.  Knightley and Mason love it.
It is a house!  This, of course, is before the snow.  Sadly, the color is worse in person.
Other reasons: 4 bedroom, 3 bath plus office.  2,300+ square feet, huge 2 car garage, huge utility/storage room, great sized yard, screened in porch (though all the screens need to be replaced), quiet road, nice established neighborhood, 2 minutes from Jeff's work (so he can come home for lunch everyday)

And seeing it is 2 minutes from the church and that the first neighbor we met is an inactive Mormon family, one would think that we actually didn't really move out of Utah.

Yesterday was a crazy blizzard, and we were shocked at the amount of snow.  What made it really bad was the wind that blew the snow into huge piles.  Jeff shoveled almost our whole driveway (some neighbors helped at the very end, I think they could see he was dying) with one small plastic snow shovel.  I am very glad that he didn't make me come help! (I don't know if you can see, but there is in the lowest spots a 3 foot high wall of snow on both sides of our driveway!)


And as was mentioned, we have a driveway!  That's right, we have a house!  The decision was sadly mainly brought on by the fact that to rent something here in a decent neighborhood was very expensive and we found this foreclosed house (that needs lots of work) for a really good deal.  But we are happy to have a house, though I don't know  how happy Jeff is to have a driveway this week.  Don't worry more pictures and details to come in the next post!

That's right!! For those of you who don't know, we moved to Wisconsin!  We had just decided that we were going to settle in Utah for a while when a company Jeffrey applied to almost a year ago got back to him and after one more interview he got a job offer to start in 1 week in Wisconsin!  We were able to push the start date back to start to 3 weeks instead, but it still has been a very busy and emotional month for us.  Jeffrey now works for Wiemer Bearing doing inside sales/account management.  Thus far he likes it.  Wiemer Bearing is also where my brother David works (how Jeffrey got referred to the job) and we are 10 minutes away from David and his family.  So far the ward is great.  People are really friendly and almost everyone knows our name (it helps that my brother David is the bishop).  We have already been invited over for dinner twice.  Though things are looking very promising here we are still very homesick for Utah and the people in it.  I have waves of homesick meltdowns almost everyday still, but I hope it will improve with time.