Jeff and I just finished watching all 4 seasons of Prison Break in just 12 days.  We loved it!  But as the characters got their freedom at the end of the show, Jeff and I also felt like we got our freedom from our addiction to the show.  Some people said they only liked the first season of the show, but I loved all 4.  Go Prison Break!  I will miss you! 

Today we went to Thanksgiving Point's farm.  Knightley had a blast.  It was a bit odd for me to pay to see farm animals (as I saw them all the time growing up) but I think it was well work the $4 it cost for all of us to go.  Knightley loved it! And the best part was the pony ride, which he got two of.  He was a bit afraid to get too close to the animals in their pens but when it came to riding the pony he was a pro and not afraid at all.