Knightley and Mason got a gift card at Christmas from the Pearsons for a fish.  And we finally went out and got one.  Knightley named him Blue.  I have never had a fish before and actually never completely owed my own pet so it is cool having one.  Jeffrey picked out, I must say, one of the coolest looking beta fishes.  Knightley and Mason love him and are often now bribed to do things with the reward of feeding Blue!  Thanks John and Kylee!


A couple weekends ago Jeffrey's company hosted a trip to the Milwaukee Zoo!  We have a zoo here in Madison and it is fairly small but it is free so I can't really complain.  The outing was a lot of fun.  There was a catered lunch with delicious ribs, and a magic show just for the company.  After the show the magician came into the audience and did magic one on one.  Since everyone dispersed except for us and my brother Dave and his family the magician came right up to our kids and performed for them.  Knightley thought it was so cool and Mason was merely entertained.  

We were given 4 free passes to use on anything extra we wanted.  This included the Merry-Go-Round, the Butterfly Museum, the Train, or the Sea Lion Show.  Being that our kids LOVE trains we decided to use them all on the train rides around the zoo.  Since our kids are still 2 and under they were free to get on anything, so one of us would take the kids while the other one waited in order to maximize the free passes.  They could have rode the train all day and been perfectly happy!  The day at the zoo was a blast!

They had a face painting station where Knightley and Mason got their arms painted.  For the rest of the day Mason was showing everyone his froggy.  Mom: "Mason do you see the Lion?"  Mason sticking out his arm: "Froggy" 

Knightley got the bear with the balloon first and then saw his cousin Wesley had a baseball on his arm, so he got that as well.

This Cheetah was the coolest animal there.  It was pacing around the pen (which is on the floor) over and over again.  He would stare you right in the eye as he was walking towards you up until he turned only 1 inch away from your face.  It gave me the chills

We are waiting for the train to arrive and Knightley and Mason are getting impatient.

They loved riding this train.

I am wearing the hat and hoodie because there was some rain in the early afternoon.  We found cover riding the Merry-Go-Round.

Knightley loved the aquarium.  He stood at these windows for about an hour before moving on.  Mason was passed out in the stroller during this time.