No, I have not had my baby yet, sadly.  But I am getting induced on Friday!  I thought I would go into labor on my own this time, but so far, nope!  But before I do have the baby I thought I would post some pictures from Jeff and I's favorite summer vacation spot, my parent's cabin/trailer.  It is a little trailer park in the middle of no-where (about a hour from our house), only open in the summer with a built in 9-hole golf course, pond, and tiny playground.  My parents, who live in Florida, only us it a few weeks out of the summer and we are very glad that they let us go up there whenever they are not using it.  We love staying up their Friday nights.  We BBQ, have a camp fire, play golf (Jeff does anyway), play at the beach, swim in the pond, ride the golf cart, and just enjoy the country.  For us it is really rejuvenating