It is always a little sad when my kids need to start wearing their winter jackets outside.  Though Knightley and Mason are really looking forward to winter because they love to play in the snow.  But we are trying to enjoy the non-freezing weather for as long as we can.

Baby number 4.... and it is a girl! 
Debbie is due January 29, 2014.  Making the new baby (we haven't decided on a name) and Molly 18 months apart, and blessing us with 4 kids in 5 years!

I love my little ones so much!

Molly just turned 1!  She is getting so big. 

Knightley and Mason were so excited for her birthday.

She loved her cake!

Her big present was her own little chair and she loves it!

We have a new house!  We were actually were looking causally for a house for awhile, mainly because our old house, we discovered, makes a perfect rental property.  When we were looking we came across a house on my brothers street.  We decided to look at it mainly for that reason, but as soon as we walked through it we had an overwhelming feeling of home.  We both had spiritual witnesses that we could very happily raise our family here (I never thought I would have that feeling about a house).  So we put an offer on the house, got renters for our old house, and moved, all within 30 days.  And now we are all moved in and we love it.

Our new house! It has 4 bedrooms upstairs, 2 1/2 bathrooms, a huge cool master closet, and a basement.

Knightley and Mason love driving their trucks on our walkway.  I will post a video of the inside of the house later. :)

Though I am a little bit late, Mason is now three!   We didn't have a party of anything but he still felt very special.  Last year Mason requested a dinosaur cake and he loved it so much that this year he wanted the exact same thing.  But I finally found a design online that was very slightly different than is old cake and when I showed Mason the picture and pointed out all the chocolate on it he decided he wanted a"spiky dinosaur with big chocolate chips cake".  And he loved it!  Well he didn't actually love the cake, he mostly just ate all the frosting and chocolate off it, but he still loved the idea of his own cake that he picked out.  And I loved it too; in fact, I think it was by far my best cake yet (it helped that it was the simplest birthday cake I have made :)).  

(sadly Jeff didn't take a picture of all the Hersey kiss spikes on the dinosaur's back) 

It has been a long time since we posted, and to be honest I don't know who still reads our blog.  Some exciting things that have happened were my brothers wedding in Utah (which was amazing), Christmas, lots of blizzards, Jeffrey's promotion (he is now an outside salesman), and my golden birthday.  So overall life is great!  Jeffrey likes his new responsibilities as an outside salesman, but it does mean he is working more hours, especially for the next few months.   The snow and cold weather here has been crazy but I think we are beginning to adjust to the cold weather of Wisconsin.  And my golden birthday was great, though I don't like being 27, I feel like I can no longer call myself young!

Christmas Eve with my brother's family

The boys getting ready to shovel the snow (we have great winter gear now)

We had tons of now so we decided to bury Molly!

Then they kids thought it was so funny so we buried all of them!