I know it is a little late, but we went to Texas for Easter and had a blast!  Sadly the pictures didn't turn out the best, but we got to do some really fun things when we were there.  Here are pictures of some of the fun things we did

Stop by the Dallas Temple.  

Go to the Dallas Aquarium.

Swim in Nana and Poppy's "pool" (it was actually the hot tube, the pool was still too cold)

Have Easter! 

Have a great time with Family!  Thanks Nana and Poppy!

Knightley saw a picture of a baseball cake on a dome cake box pan I have and decided that he wanted to make a cake just like it.  I asked him why he wanted to make the cake and he responded, “For Daddy, Daddy likes baseball.”  How could I say “no” to making a cake for daddy?  So I said we could in a little while.  Then he and Mason asked me three more times in the next 10 minutes to make a cake for Daddy.  I realized they were determined, so we stopped what we were doing and made a cake (from scratch, mind you).  It was lots of fun!  They often help me make things but this time they were extra good and extra happy.  And before Daddy came home we decided to clean the kitchen and make daddy a card so he would be extra happy about his baseball cake.  And both Knightley and Mason we so excited for Daddy to come home so they could surprise him with his cake and card!  Daddy loved it!!