So Jeff and I love this TV show called Life. It is a mix between monk, law & order, and CSI. The basis is this: Charlie Cruise was a good cop then was falsely accused of murdering his best friend and family. He was in prison for 12 years, then was released because of false evidence and given lots of settlement money and the rank of a detective. Every episode him and his partner solve a murder, but there is an underlying story of him trying to figure out why he was framed. We just watched the season 2 finale last night and it was so good! I just want to spread the word! I think you can watch a lot of the episodes on (I recommend watching a few episodes from the first season, then you can watch whatever you want after that!)

So we are starting to feed Knightley solid foods. Well, actually only rice cereal made with Apple Juice. And Knightley loves it, well at least the taste of it! He doesn't really know how to swallow yet, so at least half of it ends up on him and not in his mouth but it sure is fun trying to feed him!

Apparently Knightley has been keeping secrets from us all along.