A couple weeks ago Debbie's work paid for us to go see "The Dark Knight." It was awesome, both the movie and the fact that we got to see it for free while eating free popcorn! I do admit that it was a little dark, but we both absolutely loved it. It definitely lived up to all the hype and didn't let me down at all.

Great News! I have been applying for a lot of jobs here in Provo/Orem and I actually was offered a position at SirsiDynix (a library software company) as a Sales Analyst. I started yesterday and am enjoying not having to clock in or out because I get paid a salary. I am mostly excited because I will be learning valuable information to help further my career in sales. I am still not quite sure what my job entails because I haven't done much yet, but I can't wait until I am actually trained and responsible for something. It is really neat that both Debbie and I have 'real' jobs (as we call them). During the day we 'im' (instant message) each other to pass the time when it gets slow which is really fun.

It is very different having a job because now whenever there are errands to run I can't just go and run them whenever I want. I can't clean the house or mow the lawn or fix things up during the day, I have to do them when I get home from work. It is great to have a job, but it is a little different from before when I was unemployed and done with school with all the time in the world for the past 3 months. Debbie and I are both really happy with our jobs and we can't wait for the next really big news in 4 months...when Knightley is born!