Ok, so this is the only picture I have on my computer of me really pregnant (I haven't downloaded pictures from my camera yet) And no Jeff was not here for Halloween but a friend created a picture of us together using a picture of Jeff from last year and I picture of me from this year (isn't it great! We are Mr. & Mrs. Mint from Candyland, by the way).

But the exciting news is, I went to the Doctor yesterday and found out I could have Knightley any day now! He normally doesn't check to see if you are dilated or anything until two weeks before you are due, but I asked him to check a bit early. And when he did he was suprised to find that I was dilated two to three cms and looked like I was all set to have the baby. So much in fact that he said I could get induced a week early, that is if I didn't have the baby before then! Crazy huh! So my induce date is the 24th, but we will see if Knightley comes before then!


David and Sammy said...

Yay!! So exciting to know that in a week (tops) you'll have a baby!! Keep us posted.

Brown Family said...

Thats so exciting!! I hope you keep updating your blog Debbie! I've got a good 3 1/2 months left but look forward to being in your shoes!