So, Jeffrey got a new job working up in Draper for Investools. They offer individual investor education, and that is what Jeffrey will be selling to people who call in asking more about it. He started it this week and is really enjoying it, plus the commute isn't too bad at all.

Since Knightley has been about 5 weeks old he started what I believe is called 'social smiling.' Meaning that when someone smiles at him, he smiles back. Well, he is one smiley baby. He is right around two and a half months and he smiles constantly. He gets smiling so much that he acts like he is about ready to explode with happiness (since he can't quite laugh yet). It is the cutest thing in the world, so we had to take a photo shoot.

We just got home and he was Mr. Smiley (he has his mom's cute dimples)

He loves it when you play with his hands and feet.

The cutest little boy in the world
(we surveyed 2 people and that's what they said)

My mom came in town a couple weeks ago and the motel she was staying at had an indoor swimming pool so we decided to take Knightley for his first swimming lessons. He rather enjoyed himself. He has always liked water and he did the same thing he does when he takes a bath; He just sits there relaxing.

Just chillin.'

His beautiful mom.

And Super dad


TIFFANY said...

he's so cute! I love his little dimple! Congrats again!

Keegan, Patrick, and Caleb said...

We should get together soon! Knightley is so cute! I love his smiles! And congratulations on the new job ... does this mean Debbie stays home or are you working too.

Ryan and Erika Pettersson said...

We just are so happy for you guys...K is super super cute and looks like a really easy and good baby!! We should get together sometimes so we can finally meet this little man! Congrats on your new job Jeffrey!! Hope you'll have a good time there!

mom j said...

OOHHH Knightley is soooooo cute!! He has changed so much since you were here at Christmas. What a little cutie he is and I love his smiles. He is going to be a lady killer with those cute dimples!! I miss you all and I miss holding my grandbaby! Love you tons!
Mom and Nana