Happy Halloween! This is what we did to celebrate:

Carved a sweet jack-o-lantern skull

Here we are with the Pearsons and Guinns

And our pumpkins look awesome!

We also dressed up. Jeff as a clown, Knightley a Chicken, and Debbie an In-mate

Here is Knightley with his neighbor friends. Ellie is baby bear and Madeleine is the Stay-puffed Marshmallow man (woman). They're all so cute!

At our ward party Knightley looked so cute waddling around as a chicken!


David and Sammy said...

Knightley looks so cute waddling around! And Debbie you look great with only 3.5 months to go.

Julie Guinn said...

Ahhhh...the things we do to kids...I just kept chuckling seeing him walk around with those chicken legs. What a cutie!