This is our new double jogging stroller.  Nana Jake bought it for us, and we love it!  Mason is still a little too small to go in,  but Knightley loves riding in it and Jeff loves jogging with him.  Below is Knightley and Madeleine (Knightley's neighbor and friend).  

Below is Knightley's new chair.  Jeff and I made it for him.  Madeleine actually got a chair like this for her birthday, and when we saw it, we thought it was so cool that we decided to make one for Knightley.  It ended up taking more time, money, and effort than we originally planned, but we had fun.  I did all the machine sewing but Jeff had an equal part in every thing else.  As you can see Jeff is already trying to brainwash our kids to love the Chargers.


LisaJones said...

I love that Chair! do you have a pattern for it? Nick and I have been talking about getting a chair for maddie, but after looking at prices i think i'd rather make her a cute one like that!

Lauren vdH said...

Amen! That chair is so cute! Did you buy the pattern, or find it online? So cool!