I usually ask Knightley every morning, "do you want to wear this or this today?"  He never has cared enough to give a response, until last week. I posed my usual question and in response he reached for his red jacket hanging up in his closet.  I tried to talk him out of it, but nothing I said would do until he had on his red jacket (without a shirt on underneath).  I tried to change him later in the day, but every time I tried to take off his jacket he would cry.

I thought it might have been a one-time thing.  But the next time he saw is red jacket, he demanded to have it on.  This time he had a shirt on underneath, and about half way through the day he was getting pretty hot and sweaty. I took off his jacket but he cried and pointed to the jacket then his chest until I put it back on him.  

As bad as it is having an obsession with one article of clothing, later that day he found a new favorite. While I was putting away Mason's newborn clothes Knightley saw their blessing outfit hat.  He first tried to put it on Mason and then wanted it on himself.  So knowing what would happen if I didn't give in, I tied it around his head. Because it is so small it would occasionally fall off, but as soon as Knightley found out he would bring it to me to put back on his head. So for the rest of the day he was sweating, looking quite ridiculous, but acting very happy, with his red jacket and tiny hat.

It looked so funny I had to take some pictures:


Kalisha said...

that's a funny store. Kids do the funniest things. And they never pick the same favorites as you!

Dave&Britni said...

I love that story! Too cute!!

Chanelle said...

That's so funny! I didn't know Knightley could be so picky about clothes. By the way, it was fun seeing you guys last week. Love you!