Yesterday was a crazy blizzard, and we were shocked at the amount of snow.  What made it really bad was the wind that blew the snow into huge piles.  Jeff shoveled almost our whole driveway (some neighbors helped at the very end, I think they could see he was dying) with one small plastic snow shovel.  I am very glad that he didn't make me come help! (I don't know if you can see, but there is in the lowest spots a 3 foot high wall of snow on both sides of our driveway!)


And as was mentioned, we have a driveway!  That's right, we have a house!  The decision was sadly mainly brought on by the fact that to rent something here in a decent neighborhood was very expensive and we found this foreclosed house (that needs lots of work) for a really good deal.  But we are happy to have a house, though I don't know  how happy Jeff is to have a driveway this week.  Don't worry more pictures and details to come in the next post!


mom j said...

OK Jeffrey, you win!! We have snow but not that much! It is the sheet of ice underneath that makes it dangerous!! You have a really long driveway! What better way to get a good workout than to shovel snow! but I think that maybe a metal shovel would be better! Maybe even a snowblower! Love you all tons!

Kylee said...

Wow! That is a ton of snow, probably literally. Sorry you had to shovel it. You should take Knightley sledding off that hill of snow.