Another day of summer.  I decided that I was going to surprise Jeffrey and mow the lawn today.  It hadn't been mowed for over 2 weeks and was starting to get out of control.  Knightley and Mason love to watch the lawn mower for a bit and then go to their favorite spot to play in, under the screened-in porch where nothing grows and where dirt/mud is plentiful.  They could literally spend all day playing in this same spot, and have the time of their life.  The same was true today.  It took me close to 2 straight hours to mow the lawn with not one interruption from the kids.  They were perfectly content playing all by themselves in the dirt.

When we leave the kitchen our back door leads into the screened-in porch.  Then we go down the porch stairs and enter dirt/mud heaven. 

 Yes, they both have colds and snotty noses.  And yes, I gave them lunch before washing them...don't judge:)

 This shirt used to be Jeffrey's.

 They are definitely brothers, they even have the same dumbfounded look.

Too cute.


Danielle said...

Deb! Your boys are so cute and big!!! I absolutely love the dirty, grubby faces. That is the best part about summer!!!

Sammy said...

Genius. Ashton (and even Hannah) go straight to the dirt too. I keep thinking if I could just install an outdoor shower my life would be complete. Think we can convince you guys to come visit before Thanksgiving??

Kylee said...

They are so cute!!! That is so awesome they are so content in there. Seriously love those pics! Oh also, you get the cool wife award for mowing the lawn as a surprise for Jeff. :)