On Saturday we went up to Devil's Lake Wisconsin with my brother David and his family.  They usually go up there every year and love it.  On our route to Devil's Lake we traveled across a river where you cross by ferry.  The kids loved riding the ferry and frankly so did Jeffrey and I!  When we got there we all had a picnic lunch and the kids played in the leaves and then on the beach.  The whole area was beautiful. I felt I was walking through one of God's paintings the entire time.  

Mason was wearing pants which very quickly got soaking wet. Cousin Elsie is in the back.

Dave, Brianna, James and Wesley in the paddle boat we rented.

Our family on the paddle boat.

I love this picture.  This is what we did all day.  Enjoy the beautiful scenery and watch our kids and their cousins play at the beach.  The little girl in the picture is my niece Clarine.


Keegan and Patrick said...

You and Jeff look so great, and your boys are adorable! What a great couple of months you're having. Love it!

Kylee said...

That looks so fun!!! I bet is was such a blast for your boys! What a beautiful backdrop too!

Terry and Alice said...

Wow, it looks really gorgeous there. Sounds like you guys are having a ton of adventures. Bah, and I'm so jealous you guys got to see Brian Regan. Terry and I love him!