Though I am a little bit late, Mason is now three!   We didn't have a party of anything but he still felt very special.  Last year Mason requested a dinosaur cake and he loved it so much that this year he wanted the exact same thing.  But I finally found a design online that was very slightly different than is old cake and when I showed Mason the picture and pointed out all the chocolate on it he decided he wanted a"spiky dinosaur with big chocolate chips cake".  And he loved it!  Well he didn't actually love the cake, he mostly just ate all the frosting and chocolate off it, but he still loved the idea of his own cake that he picked out.  And I loved it too; in fact, I think it was by far my best cake yet (it helped that it was the simplest birthday cake I have made :)).  

(sadly Jeff didn't take a picture of all the Hersey kiss spikes on the dinosaur's back) 


Kylee said...

Happy birthday, cute Mason! Debbie, awesome job on the cake!!