I was in the kitchen when I heard running water coming from my bathroom.  Knightley had decided it was time for him to wash his hair with lathered hand soap.  His entire head was soapy.


LisaJones said...

Wow! what a clean Boy! just think...he could have been rubbing his hair with a lot worse things!
I love these pictures so much!
We miss you guys and it's SO fun to see a little of what you're up to.

Kylee said...

That is so funny!!!! That is so something that Ellie would do. She can't get enough of the bathroom sink! Poor Knightley though looks like that soap is going to get in his eyes. What a funny kid!

mom j said...

Oh those 2 little guys are so adorable and i miss them so much. I wish we could live close by so we could spend more time with them! Love you guys tons!