Talk about a summer that has come and gone!  We have definitely taken advantage of the beautiful weather that is a Wisconsin Summer.  There has been a Greer family reunion, exterior painting of the house, getting new toilets, Nana and Poppy Jake visiting, weekly swimming at the local water park a few blocks away, Superhero night at Culver's where the kids ate for free and we all enjoyed some yummy custard, firefly watching/catching, Jeffrey flying down to San Antonio to spend 48 hours with his older brother, daily visits to the park behind our house, several weekend getaways to Grandma and Papa Greer's empty cabin in the woods where the kids can play at the beach or swim in the pond, playing in the sprinklers, and simply going on walks or playing together as a family.  This list is not in any particular order, nor will it all be documented in this post.  Needless to say, we have enjoyed ourselves!

We couldn't pass up on matching swim suits.

When we moved in we didn't know we had crab apple trees in the front yard.  At the beginning of spring they blossomed and the kids loved the "popcorn trees."

Nor could we pass on matching pj's.

Our new friend Ali in the middle at the Superhero night at Culver's.

Enjoying a new favorite, Nutella on toast.

Giving the milk mustache a run for it's money.

Mason was so intrigued with the sparklers that he was always trying to touch the sparkle so we had to hold his one arm down most of the time.

This is the little park behind our house.


Suzie said...
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Suzie said...

Debbie you are so cool. Your kids are so stinking cute and have impeccable taste too (Nutella on toast!) ha. I'm glad you are having so much in Wisconsin. Mason is getting so big! Thanks for posting all the pics!

Kylee said...

Oh they are so cute! It sounds like you guys have been super busy! That picture of you and the boys is gorgeous! What pretty blossoms! Love the nutella 'stache! :)