Back at the beginning of November we had our good friends from Utah, John Kylee and fam, come and visit for a long weekend!  We had an absolutely joyful time together!!  Knightley and Mason had a blast playing with their old friend Ellie, and loved making their new friend, Baby M, laugh (they can't pronounce her name so this became her new name).  While they were here we saw the sights of Madison, and played a lot.  The weather was perfect the whole time, so we were able to do everything we wanted.  It was so much fun.

We went to the Zoo

Saw the giraffes

Became apes

Played with blocks

Played at the coolest park ever

Don't they look like best buds.....well, they are

We went to the capital (which is pretty awesome)

Our kids, the East Side Gangbangers on the streets of downtown Madison

Knightley's favorite treat to date (and the best tasting big cookie I have ever had in fact)

Every night we played games, a lot of games.  We played multiple rounds of all the games pictured here (note: guesstures is not in the picture but should be).

Our families together (minus baby M)


Kylee said...

Dang! That looks like a good time! :) Oh yeah it was awesome!!! You beat us to blogging about it. I was going to try to do that tonight or tomorrow night. Thanks again for such a fabulous trip!