We went to Florida in the middle of October, but are just getting around to posting about it :).  It was a fantastically fun, magical time!!  We hung out with Deb's parents and her brother and sister-in-law and their family.  We went to an alligator farm, the beach, and just enjoyed the wonderful weather.  We then went up to Orlando and went to Disney World for the magical experience, and the next day we went to a children's science center which was great as well!  We loved it and our kids loved it.  It is all documented in the video below that Deb put together.


jonathan said...

Jeff and Debbie,
Quinn and I were reminiscing about our time in Provo and started thinking about old friends and got to your blog. It looks like you guys are doing great, we would love to catch up sometime, but more immediately want to get your address so we can send you a christmas card. I hope all is well.