For the talent show one year, my best bud Brian and I learned the entire routine to "Evolution of Dance" (you can find the original here even though it doesn't even come close to the awesomeness of us).  We spent many hours editing the music (and might I add that our final product for the music is better then the original guy), and practicing the moves.  This was done back in 2007, and has finally made it to the web.  Without further ado, what you will witness below is beautimus maximus in its purest form.  Enjoy!!!
** You can skip the first 1 min 25 seconds because it originally took that long to get the routine set up and I haven't taken the time to edit it out**


Terry and Alice said...

That was ridiculously entertaining.
: )

Kylee said...

That was amazing! Seriously, I am so impressed that they were so polished on those moves. You guys are so creative!