Because today is Memorial Day Jeffrey doesn't have to go to work.  We made sure to schedule absolutely nothing today so we could have a lazy day full of fun times and family moments.  Here are a few of the moments we captured today.

Knightley's favorite breakfast food these days is plain oatmeal with some brown sugar sprinkled over it.  He used to love cooked oatmeal until one random day he refused to eat it.  That day I had poured a packet of oatmeal in a bowl and boiled some water.  As I was getting ready to pour the water in the bowl of oatmeal Knightley started to freak out and insisted "no water!"  I poured the water in anyway and told Knightley that is how he is supposed to eat it.  Bad idea.  Knightley flipped and had one of his trademark tantrums (although, these days Mason is infringing on that trademark).  Through his crying I heard him say that he wanted new oatmeal without water.  So, in order to get him to stop I poured him a new bowl of oatmeal and simply gave it to him.  He stopped crying and ate the whole thing.  I have no idea where he came up with the idea to eat oatmeal this way, but now he will only eat it dry and uncooked (until today when he asked for milk with the dry/uncooked bowl of oatmeal). 

Ever since Jeffrey's birthday Knightley has been calling a birthday cake a "Happy Cake" and even sings the Happy Birthday song (all the his truck, daddy, mommy, etc).

Happy Cake Song from Debra Jacobson on Vimeo.


Kylee said...

I am so glad that you posted this!!! I can't believe how much they're talking! Ellie can't get enough of watching the videos...although I am a little bit nervous that she is going to think that the song really goes "Happy cake to you," because John and I laugh every time so she repeats it. Oh, also, have you ever tried the uncooked oatmeal? It sounds pretty gross, no offense Knightley. :)