Well, my little boy is growing up.  He turned 3 the day after Thanksgiving.  Because we went down to Missouri for thanksgiving to visit Jeffrey's family this year we had a little birthday party for him before we left.  Both my boys are REALLY into cars, but more specifically Race Cars.  So that is what he got for a cake (hand made by his loving mother:).  This year's celebration was the best, because Knightley actually realized it was his special day.  He may not have understood exactly why we celebrate someone's birth day, but he knew it was all about a "special boy's special day."  Every present he opened was his "special present," and he still treats the toys he got on his birthday with extra special care and attention.

Enjoying the cake batter (Knightley likes cake batter more then actual cake).

My beautiful creation.

Complete with rear spoiler.

All race cars have a lightning bolt across the side,

and racing stripes.

By the time we ate the cake, the tootsie roll windows melted :)

The cutest little cake eater ever!

Knightley mostly ate the goodies off the cake instead of the cake itself.


LisaJones said...

That's awesome Debbie! you're such a cool mom! happy Birthday to that Special Boy!

JuliebG said...

Awwwe, I can't believe I missed it. I'm terrible with Birthdays. Tell Knightly Happy Birthday from Madeleine. She would have loved to be there...especially to help him with his cake! You did a great job on the cake! Benjamin really likes cars too, so I made him a "wheel". Yep, your cake wins the cool contest!

Keegan said...

Happy birthday, Knightley! That really is an awesome cake, Debbie-- way to go! You are so talented. Knightley is SO big-- I can't wait to see him and Mason this summer.

Kylee said...

Your cake decorating skills are crazy cool! :)

Chanelle said...

That's an awesome cake! And it's so cute that Knightley knows that it's his special day.